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Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe, where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian plains and the mysterious karst. Two million people live here on just over twenty thousand square kilometers. Slovenia became an independent state in 1991. It has since established an international position and reputation as a democratic, stable and successful Central European country. Today it is an important international player – a place where statesmen would meet, a member of international organisations, and a country enjoying friendly ties with other countries around the world. Slovenia is  also one of the seven safest countries in the world.

Are you thinking about visiting our beautiful country? We suggest, that you start in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana is a great place to start your journey. It is our capital city and probably the most beautiful city in Slovenia. It is also a great starting point for your sightseeing, as you need no more than 1.5 hour, to travel to the furthests possible locations (in any directions) in the country. How cool is that?

Slovenia in Europe - map


Regions in Slovenia

Slovenia is divided into 12 statistical regions: Osrednje-slovenska region, Primorska region, Podravje region, Gorenjska region, Goriška region, Koroška region, Notranjska region, Pomurje region, Savinjska region, Dolenjska region, Posavje region and Zasavska region.

Image of Slovenian regions

Facts and stats

State: Democratic parliamentary republic since 25 June 1991
Member of the European Union: since 1 May 2004
Capital city: Ljubljana, 278.789 inhabitants (2015)
Anthem: Zdravljica, a poem by France Prešeren
State holidays: June 25 – Statehood Day, December 26 – Independence and Unity Day
Official Language: Slovenian
Currency: EUR

Geography of Slovenia

Land surface: 20,271 km²
Length of borders by land: 1,322 km
Length of coastline: 47 km
Neighbouring states: Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia
Largest cities: Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Celje
Highest mountain: Triglav 2,864 m
Longest river: Sava 221 km
Landscape: The territory of Slovenia is geographically divided into four basic types of landscape – Alpine in the north, Mediterranean in the south-west, Dinaric in the south and Pannonian in the east.

Population of Slovenia

Inhabitants: 2.062.455 (September 2014)
Population density: 101.2 inhabitants per square kilometre (1 July 2011)
Births rate: On average 1,58 children per woman (2012)
Life expectancy: 76.96 for men and 82.89 for women (2012)
Urbanization: Approximately one third of the population live in towns with more than 10,000 inhabitants, the rest live in nearly six thousand smaller towns and villages.
Religions: According to the 2002 census the most of population (58 %) are Catholics. Together there are 43 religious communities registered in Slovenia. Among the oldest is the Evangelical Church, most widely spread in the northeastern part of Slovenia.

Political system of Slovenia

Under the Constitution, Slovenia is a democratic republic and a social state governed by law. The state’s authority is based on the principle of the separation of egislative, executive and judicial powers, with a parliamentary system of government. The highest legislative authority is the National Assembly (90 deputies), which has the right to enact laws. Elections to the National Assembly are held every four years.

Suffrage :According to the Constitution, the right to vote is universal and equal. Every citizen who has attained the age of eighteen years has the right to vote and stand for office.
President: Borut Pahor – second mandate since November 2017
Prime Minister: Marjan Šarec since 13 September 2018

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