The Russian chapel is a chapel, placed in memory of Russian soldiers, which were caught by a snowy avalanche during the construction of the road across the Vršič mountain pass. The chapel is decorated in an Orthodox style that expresses the faith of the soldiers who died here. It was built in 1916. It is also the grave of these soldiers. The monument on the tomb is in the form of a pyramid with the inscription in Russian: “The sons of Russia”. The exact number of dead soldiers is unknown. It is suspected that betwewen 170 to 300 Russian and 10 to 80 Austrian soldiers died during the construction of the road.

In the beginning of 1915, Kranjska Gora became an important strategic point due to the Isonzo front, which appeared between Austria-Hungary and Italy on the Soča River. For this reason, the army of Austria-Hungary urged the construction of a road across the Vršič pass, linking the valleys of the Soča and Sava rivers. The road was necessary for the faster transition of Austrian units and military equipment through the passage. For the construction of the road, Russian war prisoners were used. The construction began in May 1915, and about 10,000 Russian prisoners participated in the construction.

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