In 1916 the Austro-Hungarian soldiers of the 3rd Mountain Brigade built a memorial church according to the plans of the architect Remigius Geyling from Vienna. The location was selected after long consideration and in secrecy. They chose a position that would be invisible to the enemy and equally far from the battlefields at the “Vodil vrh”, at “Mrzli vrh”, on “Sleme” and on the “Rdeči rob”.

The church of Sveti Duh is a unique monument from the time of the First World War, dedicated to the fallen Austro-Hungarian soldiers in the area of the Tolmin section of the Isonzo Front. It was built by the soldiers of the 3rd Mountain Austro-Hungarian Brigade, who undertook work with great eagerness. Over a thousand soldiers was involved in the construction and preparation of the material. Among them there were many craftsmen.

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