The Tamar mountain lodge stands on a beautiful mountain clearing at the upper end of the Planica valley. The first modest cottage was built in 1899 under the leadership of the parish priest Josip Lavtižar on September 3, 1899.

The lodge did not have a long life of the era, since it was crushed by a snowy avalanche from Ponce in the winter of 1903/1904 and was later reconstructed.

The Tamar mountain lodge is permanently open. There are 67 seats in two restaurants, 12 rooms and 31 beds, 20 beds in two large rooms; WC, washbasin and shower with hot and cold water; the dining and sleeping rooms are heated by stoves; running water, electricity and telephone are available.

Planica is one of the most picturesque Alpine valleys in Slovenia, it is extremely beautiful to see mountains and peaks that surround it.


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