Slovenia Airports

Are you wondering what are the best airports, when traveling to Slovenia? Slovenia has two international airports:

Most commonly used and well known in Ljubljana Airport. It is located approx. 30 km north of Slovenia capital city – Ljubljana. Ljubljana airport is probaly one of the more convenient way for you to visit our beautifull country. The ride from the airport to the hotel (and/or back) takes no longer than 30 minutes.

Other possibilities

Are you having a problem finding cheap flights to Slovenia? You don`t need to worry. There are plenty other possibilities. Luckiliy for you, Slovenia is a very small country. Therefore you can use many other airports in our neighbouring countries: Italy, Croatia or Austria. Check out most commonly used airports, to get to Slovenia.

Nearest Airports in Austria

  • Klagenfurt (approx. 1:15 from Ljubljana)
  • Graz (approx. 1:30 from Ljubljana)

Nearest Airports in Italy

Nearest Airport in Croatia